Lemma 2.0 and SL X: two Bikes Destined to Win.

Lemma 2.0 and SL X: two Bikes Destined to Win.

The official bicycles of the OM.CC Team, for the race season 2021, will be the Lemma 2.0 and the SL X by Officine Mattio. Both of them are completely made in Italy, made of carbon-fiber Torayca.

The Lemma marks the beginning of our history: it was the first frame Officine Mattio. The name was inspired by the Alpine ascent on which it had been tested. Its evolution, the lemma 2.0, embodies the OM concept of aero-dynamics: an agile integrated bike.

The SL X represents the ideal combination of weight and responsiveness. A high-performance bicycle destined to be dominated and ruled by its owner.

The social colors of the team will paint the two bicycles. The color used as the base for the Lemma 2.0 will be blue-night and the accents will be silver and turquoise/ pink according to its rider.

The SL X will have as protagonist its own material, the carbon fibers, and the details will be turquoise/ pink as for the Lemma 2.0.