OM.CC Team’s Uniform!

For the season 2021, the OM.CC Team will wear the clothing collection by Officine Mattio.

The jersey is night-blue colored with turquoise details for men and pink ones for women.

On the front of the jersey, the turquoise/pink and the silver colors alternate themselves creating a wave.

The wave was inspired by the decorations on the internal glass windows and doors found in the Headquarters of Officine Mattio in Cuneo.

This garment is made with two highly technical and performing fabrics, such as ELASTIC MICRON MICROPERFORATED and the exclusive FRESCO fabric. The first fabric has a double elasticity compared to the most common fabrics on the market, while the second is a warp-knit fabric with anti stretch mark mesh structure that guarantees maximum resistance to abrasion in the event of a fall.

As regards the black bibshorts, Officine Mattio offers a modern design. The use of innovative fabrics has made it possible to improve elasticity, containment of the muscle bands, and the resistance of the garment itself.

On the Team’s Uniform, the names of all the partners that chose to support us!